How to Find the Right Storage Unit

20 Jan

If you have a storage facility for personal property, vehicles, or even business inventory, you want to make sure that the environment within the facility is safe and secure. In addition to ensuring the safety of your most valuable possessions, you also want to make sure that all employees are properly trained and safe to work around your property. To help keep your storage facility running efficiently, there are many storage services that offer various security options to keep your customers and employees safe. Here, we'll review some of the security features you should look for when choosing a storage facility:

Climate Control - You can help to protect your business property or personal belongings in a Life Storage facility with climate control. Many facilities offer temperature control throughout the day to help keep your products or belongings at their optimal storage temperature. Temperature control also allows you to control how much heat escapes from your goods, which can be important during the winter. Some storage facilities offer even more control with portable thermostats that you can mount on walls. You can also use climate shutters to help prevent heat loss and excessive moisture from building up inside your storage container.

Security Protection - Many storage facilities offer highly advanced security measures designed to keep your personal and business belongings safe from potential theft. High-tech security systems utilize biometric identification systems that require minimal staffing hours. Some facilities utilize touchscreens or proximity cards to ensure that only employees authorized to access the contents of a storage unit are allowed to do so. In addition, automated gate systems are installed to prevent unauthorized access to the contents of storage units.

Unloading and Loadout - If you're looking for a storage facility with a high rate of loading and unloading customers, you may want to check out one that offers high-speed loading and unloading services. The space in a warehouse is limited, so storage facilities must make every effort to meet customers' needs by using methods that maximize the usage of available space. Most storage units located near shipping ports have a large variety of forklifts that can be used to move materials in and out of your container or to load pallets as needed. If you need your stuff picked up frequently, then you should look for a storage facility that makes frequent pickups and deliveries. Storage facilities that constantly have unloading and loading customers are a good bet when it comes to finding customers who use your storage unit frequently.

Easy Access to Storage Units - The key element to having an efficient storage facility is easy to access to all your belongings. You want to be able to quickly move your belongings from one location to another, whether you need to make a pickup or drop off your items. Storage facilities that are designed to provide quick access to stored goods are an excellent choice when it comes to finding a good, on-site storage provider for your business's goods.

Outside Storage and Inside Storage - Other storage types include container units and self-contained units. Container units allow you to ship materials directly to your customers, while self-contained units offer protection against the elements and provide temporary storage when needed. When selecting a storage facility, it is important to consider the specific needs of your company as well as the costs associated with outside storage and inside storage. Many businesses use both types of storage to ensure that they meet their storage needs and budget constraints. Read more here!

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